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The Digital Economist is a Washington DC-based impact platform aimed at fostering a human-centered digital economy.

We are a decentralized alliance of global citizens with various academic and entrepreneurial skills and backgrounds. Alongside our founder and CEO Navroop Sahdev and her immediate team, we have Council Members, Entrepreneurs in Training and Fellows. What brings us together is a shared conviction that the world needs a reset: to master the challenges facing humankind and the wellbeing of our planet requires turning those problems into attractive investment opportunities.

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Bringing together investors and innovators to co-create solutions for a sustainable digital economy.

By convening the best minds working on the boldest ideas, we drive technological convergence. This leads to actionable concepts for a more sustainable and prosperous world in alignment with the UN Sustainable development goals as well as our five pillars: sustainability, transparency, decentralization, individual privacy and collaboration.


By combining thought leadership, innovation and investment opportunities, we set the stage for profitable and future-proof business. For the good of humankind and our planet.

“The Digital Economist defines a bold vision and investable opportunities for a new human-centered digital economy based on sustainability, transparency, decentralization, individual
privacy and collaboration,” says CEO Navroop Sahdev. This involves attracting – and conscientiously vetting – startups and other innovators. The top candidates then have a chance to enter our incubator. At the same time, we sensitize investors to the concepts with the greatest promise for sustainable development.

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